Is buying a Louis Vuitton damier worth the price?

Louis Vuitton bags are quite expensive and not easy to afford for most. There are many substitute though may not be of same quality that you can get. It is the matter of perspective of the buyer who is investing. LV bags can make you feel guilty for over indulging.

While many can afford a Louis Vuitton and invest in one, the rest who cannot keep wondering what is there to invest so much. Luxury brands which are unreachable for many keep striking a question that whether their prices are justified at all and whether there is any need to invest in something as expensive as these products.

Consider the budget you have

Louis Vuitton bags are very expensive. Consider the budget that you are willing to spend on any handbag and not just Louis Vuitton. Do not overstretch your budget just to own something that will later leave you bankrupt and paying off your credit bills for the rest of your life.

Think what else you could have done with all the money

While a louis Vuitton damier  bag is a class in itself, when you think of all those things you could have done with the money, had you not indulged in something this expensive, can make the prospect of owning a Louis Vuitton appear less appealing.

Perspective matters

While owning a Louis Vuitton purse of a bag can be quite a symbol of status, the perspective of the buyer also matters to a great extent. Opinion regarding owning such classy brands differ from one to another and hence it cannot be concretely is said that a LV bag is not worth spending so much or vice versa. Your choice entirely depends on your point of view one what is important in your life.

Does it make you happy?


Do you think you would really feel happy and not regret indulging so much ones the payment is done? Your happiness after a certain purchase matters and if you think that you might feel really guilt for indulging, then it is better not to indulge.

The quality

It is very obvious that a LV bag has unmatched quality but if you look around you can get something that is good though not as good as a LV bag at fraction of the price you pay for an LV. So you are not really losing anything if you turn away from a LV bag.